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National Norway Rental Terms for travel between 21-Nov-2014 and 31-Dec-2019

Additional Driver Policy
An additional driver charge of NOK 30.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 420.00 + tax per rental will apply.
Additional driver's must be aged 25 years or over.  If the additional driver cannot be present at time of pick-up, then a copy of their driving license must be presented at time of pick-up.
There is no maximum number of additional driver's allowed per rental.

Age Requirements
The minimum age requirements are as follows:
19 years for car groups: EBMR, ECMR, CDMR, CDAR and CWMR.
25 years for all other car groups.
There is no maximum age limit.
A young driver's charge of NOK 100.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 3000.00 + tax per rental will apply to all drivers’ aged 19 - 25 years.

Condition of Vehicle
Vehicle must be returned, normal wear & tear expected, in the same condition as when rented. If special cleaning is required a separate charge will be made directly to the customer

Cross Border Policy
Travel into Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Russia (all states of the former USSR), Yugoslavia (all rep. of the former Yugoslavia), Bulgaria and Hungary is not allowed.
No extra documents are required for crossing the border, however, information about leaving Norway is to be written in the contract given at time of pick up.

License Requirements
Customers must present a full and valid driving license, which has been held for a minimum of one year.
An international driving permit is not required if the driver is from a country within the EU/EEA.  Drivers from a country outside EU/EEA, must present a license in English.

One Way Rentals
Domestic one ways are allowed between all locations in Norway & the drop charge varies, depending on the distance. Minimum 3 day rental applies.
The charge will be confirmed at time of reservation. Some dom one ways are free of charge.  Please see separate one way grid for details.
International One Ways are not permitted.

Out of Hours Policy
Out of hours pick ups are available from all locations on request.  An out of hours charge of NOK 300.00 + tax applies. There is an after hours of NOK 500.00 + tax for OSLO Airport.
Out of hours returns are not allowed unless agreed with the location at time of pick up. There is no charge for out of hours drop offs.

Payment Policy
Acceptable methods of payment are: Visa, Diners, MasterCard, Amex, National Charge Cards, National Vouchers and Eurocheques.  Travellers cheques and cash is not accepted.
At least one credit card is required for all rentals. A 2nd Credit Card is Mandatory (must be a major credit card) for car group LDAR.
A deposit of NOK 2300.00 plus 20% of the estimated rental charges is required, which is held on the credit card until the car is returned.  A credit card is always required for the deposit.

Refueling Policy
The vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental.  It is advised that the customer re-fills the tank before returning the vehicle, otherwise the customer will be invoiced for the missing fuel plus a service charge (Fuel cost + 20% + tax).

Roadside Assistance
If any problems arise with the car during the rental period, please call the nearest Alamo/National office during office opening hours.
For after hours, please call Road Assistance (NAF) on +47 815 74 600. 
Full details will be provided at time of pickup.

Special Equipment
Infant Seat - CSI (0 - 12 months) - NOK 250.00 + tax per rental.
Baby Seat - CSB (1 - 3 years) - NOK 250.00 + tax per rental.
Toddler Seat - CST (4 - 7 years) - NOK 250.00 + tax per rental.
Booster Seat - CBS (less than 135 cms) - NOK 200.00 + tax per rental.
Ski Rack - SKR - NOK 250.00 + tax per rental. (Available all year round) - fits 4 pairs of cross country ski's or 3 pairs of down hill ski's.
Snow Chains - SNO - NOK 250.00 + tax per rental.  Available from 1st November to 15th April.
Snow Tyres - STR - Free of charge.  Available from 1st November to 15th April.
Navigation System - NVS - NOK 100.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 500.00 + tax per rental. Replacement amount NOK 2000.00.
Trolley - TRO - NOK 100.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 1000.00 + tax per rental.
Trailer Hitch - TRH - NOK 100.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 1000.00 + tax per rental.
WIFI Access is also available at a cost of NOK 39.20 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 1000.00 + tax per rental.  Only available On request at the following locations: Bergen Apt, Bodoe Apt, Harstad Narvik Apt (Evenes), Narvik DT, Oslo Apt, Oslo DT, Moss Rygge Apt, Tromsoe Apt, Vadsoe Downtown and Vadsoe Apt.
Moving Box - BOX - Only available to purchase from the following locations: Bergen DT Minde, Oslo East and Trondheim. Available at a cost of NOK 20.00 + tax per rental. (not loaded on the system)
Ski Box,  Winter Equipped Vehicle and Luggage Rack - Not Available

All equipment is on request for all station’s except Navigation System’s which are on free sell only at Sogndal Airport (SOGT71) and Sogndal (SOGS71).
Ski Racks are only available for car groups CWMR, IWMR, PWMR and SWMR.
Navigation Systems are not allowed for one way rentals.
Please note: Baby Seats (CSB), Trolley's (TRO), Trailer Hitches (TRH) and WIFI Access are not loaded in the system. If required, please add to the remarks on the reservation.
All children under 135cms must be fitted in a suitable child seat by law.
It is Norwegian Law to have high visibility vests in all cars - these are provided free of charge.

Location Surcharge - 14% + tax (of the basic rental plus insurance).
Winter Fee - NOK 32.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 448.00 + tax per rental.  Mandatory from 1st November to 15th April (includes Snow Tyres, Cleaning of the Car and Ice/Snow Removal).
Toll Road Administration fee: NOK 30.00 + tax per day, with a maximum charge of NOK 150.00 + tax per rental (5 days). Mandatory on all rentals at: Aalesund Airport (AEST71), Aalesund (AESC71), Arendal (XGDC71), Bardufoss Apt (BDUT71), Bardufoss City (BDUC71), Bergen Apt (BGOT71), Bergen DT (BGOC73), Billingstad (OSLW72), Drammen (OSLS71), Elverum (XUCC71), Evenes Apt (EVET71), Finnsnes (BDUC72), Fredrikstad (XKFC72), Fredrikstad North (XKFC73), Gjoevik (ZYGC72), Hamar (HMRC72), Haugesund (HAUC72), Haugesund Airport (HAUT71), Harstad (EVEC71), Haugesund (HAUR71), Kristiansand (KRSC72), Kristiansand Airport (KRST71), Kristiansund Airport (KSUT71), Kristiansund (KSUC71), Kongsberg (NTBE71), Kongsvinger (XZDC71), Lillehammer (OSLN71), Molde Airport (MOLT71), Molde (MOLC71), Mongstad (BGON71), Moss Rygge Airport (RYGT71), Nesttun (BGOS72), Oslo Gardermoen Apt (OSLT71), Oslo DT (OSLC72), Oslo DT (OSLC73), Sandefjord Torp Airport (TRFT71), Sandefjord (ZYSC71), Porsgrunn/Skien (SKES71), Skien Airport (SKET71), Skjetten (OSLE71), Sogndal Airport (SOGT71), Sogndal (SOGS71), Stavanger Downtown (SVGC72), Stavanger Airport (SVGT71), Tonsberg (XKWC71), Tromsoe Airport (TOST01/71), Tromsoe Downtown (TOSC01/71), Trondheim Apt (TRDT71), Trondheim DT (TRDC73) and Lillestroem (OSLE71).    
When driving through fully automatic toll plazas or on AutoPASS, the customer will be charged for the toll road fee passage separately or on the rental agreement if information about passage is available.


CDW – Collision Damage Waiver
Collision damage waiver reduces the customer’s damage responsibility to the excess/deductible amount.  If CDW is applied to the rental the customer is still responsible for the mandatory excess charge in case of damage. If CDW is declined the renter will be liable for the entire value of the damage/loss. Price is excluding VAT.
Group Cost per day (NOK) Deductible (NOK)
EBMR 215.00 8000.00
ECMR 215.00 8000.00
CDAR 255.00 9500.00
CDMR 255.00 9500.00
CFMR 255.00 9500.00
CWMR 255.00 9500.00
IDMR 255.00 9500.00
IDAR 255.00 9500.00
IFMR 255.00 9500.00
IVMR 255.00 12000.00
IWMR 255.00 12000.00
SDMR 255.00 12000.00
FDAR 255.00 12000.00
FDMR 255.00 12000.00
SWMR 255.00 12000.00
PWMR 255.00 12000.00

Third Party Liability
Third Party Cover is included in the rate and covers third party personal injury to anyone caused by the motor vehicle. Cover to third party bodily injury/death is unlimited, but compensation to follow calculations given by the courts of law.
Outside of Norway the insurance will cover according to local standards.
The maximum cover for Damage to property is USD 1.000 000 (Approx NOK 5.000.000) (lower limit as stated in the law is NOK 1.000.000).

TP– Theft Protection
Theft Waiver - reduces the client's financial responsibility for loss or theft to the vehicle to the sum of the deductible.  If THW is applied to the rental, the customer is still responsible for the Mandatory Excess Charge in case of theft OR LOSS.  If THW not applied to the rental, the customer is responsible for the entire value of the vehicle in case of theft or loss.  Price is Ex VAT.
Group Cost per day (NOK) Deductible (NOK)
EBMR 55.00 8000.00
ECMR 55.00 8000.00
CDAR 70.00 9500.00
CDMR 55.00 9500.00
CFMR 70.00 9500.00
CWMR 70.00 9500.00
IDMR 70.00 9500.00
IDAR 70.00 9500.00
IFMR 70.00 9500.00
IVMR 70.00 12000.00
IWMR 70.00 12000.00
SDMR 70.00 12000.00
SWMR 70.00 12000.00
FDAR 70.00 12000.00
FDMR 70.00 12000.00
PWMR 70.00 12000.00

SCDW – Super Collision Damage Waiver
Further reduces or eliminates the client’s responsibility for payment of the excess.  Only available if CDW has been purchased first. Price is excluding VAT.
Group Cost per day (NOK) Deductible (NOK)
All 100.00 2000.00

STHW – Super Theft Waiver
Further reduces or eliminates the client’s responsibility for payment of the excess.  Only available if THW has been purchased first.  Price is excluding VAT.
Group Cost per day (NOK) Deductible (NOK)
All 50.00 2000.00

PAI – Personal Accident Insurance
Personal accident insurance provides limited cover for death, disability and medical expenses. Price is excluding VAT.
Group Cost per day (NOK)
All 76.00



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Information disclosure
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Vehicle capacity and fitness to drive
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Refund Policy
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